Drie pijlers van Agitma

Onze dienstverlening draait om het thema Agile IT Management. Hierbinnen maken wij gebruik van een drietal pijlers om u optimaal te kunnen bedienen.

Interim Management

Voor het tijdelijk leidinggeven aan afdelingen met meerdere teams.

Team Lead /
Scrum Master

Voor het opstarten of verbeteren van een Scrum team.

Agile Projectleiding

Voor directe aansturing van complexe projecten in een Agile context.

Agitma - Blog

Anything about anything about Agile IT Management from the trenches...

In the last 20 years Scrum has proven itself to be the market standard framework for organizations working Agile. Despite this tremendous success many organizations still find themselves in the middle of an Agile transition. The Scrum beginner and professional both have an ongoing need for a short descriptive overview of the framework. For both
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Last week a co-worker suprised me with a very cool gift. Namely a new coffee mug with my own name and accompanying logo on it. It reminded me straight away on the positive impact that such gestures can have. You can make someones day simply by complimenting them. Or surprise someone with a gift. Same
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In my previous blog featuring Dilbert in 2016 – Dilbert saves the Agile day – we elaborated on a few of the challenges he encountered. Now 2,5 years later, new ones have arrived. That is why I have made a short selection of observations I had in the area of Agile team management. Let’s continue our journey
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Een impressie van recente klanten & opdrachtgevers

Mission statement

Setup, guide and coach high performing teams capable in delivering truly great software.

Be Awesome

How? Try to improve something small everyday..... In management, in coding or life.

Learn from anybody

Be aware that every colleague, teammember or friend is capable of something that you are not.

Fail and letting fail

Failure is the only way to success, so fail fast and fail often, especially in software development.