Agitma & Sjors in the media

It can be interesting to see what Google can find on you. I just tried it out…
Besides the usual stuff, like the content of the Agitma website, they came up with a few other pages as well (most of them are in Dutch)

Interview with FourCorners on their Agile journey:
Interview with De Baak:
Meetup in Craiova:
Girlsday at ING Mobile:
Old interview for Info Support:
Bachelor thesis award: profile:
Karate (personal):

Note: the last one is not directly work related, but a nice picture to share..

Filled Under: agile,personal Posted on: 23 March 2018

Mission statement

Setup, guide and coach high performing teams capable in delivering truly great software.

Be Awesome

How? Try to improve something small everyday..... In management, in coding or life.

Fail and letting fail

Failure is the only way to success, so fail fast and fail often, especially in software development.

Learn from anybody

Be aware that every colleague, teammember or friend is capable of something that you are not.